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Yoga therapy

In the realm of yoga therapy, we recognise the body's connective tissue as a storage for waste products such as environmental pollutants and traces of chemical toxins, fertilisers and fluorides.
Additionally, the body keeps traces of emotional imbalances and past traumas, which can manifest as physical discomfort and tension.

This can makes us feel fatigued and out of balance. Not only on a physical and energetic level, but also emotionally and spiritually. Yoga therapy offers a transformative path if you're dealing with stress, battling depression, or recuperating from illness, whether it's a recent setback or an enduring struggle. 

These treatments consist of deep, long stretches and massage of your connective tissue, to loosen tension and release traumas in your physical body and your energy body. I work with the meridian lines of your body, to stimulate blood circulation and free blocked energy, while the only thing you have to do is to breathe and let go. This will create an enormous release and at the same time it will help calm the nervous system. After your treatment you will feel extremely calm and relaxed, as your nervous system have received a reset.

When the body a
nd mind are out of sync, maintaining a consistent yoga practice or engaging in therapeutic interventions can feel daunting.
A therapy session typically spans 75 minutes, offering a sanctuary for your healing journey.
You may opt for a standalone session or immerse yourself in a transformative course of five sessions spanding over five weeks. Providing a comprehensive framework for your recovery. 

Following your sessions, together, we craft a personalised yoga regimen tailored to your unique needs with strengthening, balancing and energising poses that you can easily do yourself at home to expand your healing. Additionally, breath work exercises are offered to help you even further in your process towards healing.

Additionally, I offer the transformative power of PSYCH-K® which is a potent tool for identifying and transforming limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs, that resides in your subconscious mind.
Psych-K offers a powerful gateway to transformation, empowering you to rewrite the script of your subconscious mind and align with beliefs that nourish and uplift you instead of keeps you in doubt and negativity.

By transcending the confines of negativity and self-doubt, you can cultivate a mindset that supports your aspirations and bolsters your sense of self-worth.You can mend fractured relationships and even conquer debilitating habits like smoking and sugar. 
PSYCH-K® really offers a gateway to liberation. 
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