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The magic of


Cacao is a magical, vibrant, loving and potent, light and life giving plant.

Widely used as a medicine in the Amazone and Peruvian forest for centuries. My own journey with Cacao started in 2013, when Keith, The Cacao shaman came to Denmark to host a ceremony with the spirit of Cacao. This was the first time that I tasted this magical thick liquid from the Cacao tree. Its fruit was the sweetest that I have ever tasted and the beans the best of all. Its thick paste made into the most potent of potion, with a taste that only gods could have made. It lead me on a journey of the heart, that I have been exploring since. In March 2023 I went to Guatemala to visit Keith and be in retreat with him for 8 days. These days were filled with magic and let me to meet and connect with the Cacao spirit. I went on a deep journey into the the land of the Mayans and its people and all the colours that are our teachers. I experienced a download of teachings and I can not express enough gratitude for this remembrance and for my teachers.

I love to use ceremonial cacao on my retreats for its heart opening and grounding properties. For the beauty and wisdom that this medicine brings.

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Cacao has its own healing properties as it is full of antioxidants that protect your cells against free radicals, serotonin which counteracts stress and dopamin which increases motivation and well being. It also has the highest contents of Magnesium seen in a plant. 

Cacao and the heart

Cacao contains Anandamid, which is also called the bliss molecule and along with Phenylethylamine, the love molecule it enhances our sense of love and well being and vibrates with the energi of the heart center.

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