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The magic of


Cacao is a magical, vibrant, loving and potent,

light and life giving plant.

Widely revered as a medicinal treasure in the lush landscapes of the Amazon and Peruvian forests for centuries. Cacao has woven its enchanting threads into the fabric of my own journey since 2013. It was during this transformative time that I was introduced to Cacao by Keith Wilson The Cacao shaman, who graced Denmark with the presence of a ceremonial gathering. From the moment the velvety liquid touched my lips, I was enraptured by its unparalleled sweetness and the exquisite essence of its beans. Crafted into a thick paste, this liquid transcended earthly realms, offering a taste so divine that it seemed ordained by celestial hands. Thus began my odyssey of the heart, a path I have been traversing with devotion ever since. In March 2023, my pilgrimage led me to Guatemala, where I reunited with Keith and embarked on an immersive journey. I communed intimately with the spirit of Cacao and embarked on a profound voyage into the heart of Mayan lands. Amidst the vibrant tapestry of colors, I received a profound transmission of ancient wisdom, a gift for which I am ever so grateful for. I integrate ceremonial Cacao into my retreats, honoring its beauty and the profound wisdom it imparts to all who partake.

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Cacao has its own healing properties as it is full of antioxidants that protect your cells against free radicals, serotonin which counteracts stress and dopamin which increases motivation and well being. It also has the highest contents of Magnesium seen in a plant. 

Cacao and the heart

Cacao contains Anandamid, which is also called the bliss molecule and along with Phenylethylamine, the love molecule it enhances our sense of love and well being and vibrates with the energi of the heart center.

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