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Divine healing retreat in France.
With breath work, Yoga, sound healing, healing with horses and connective tissue massage
Next dates to be announced.
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Join us on a magical retreat among the wines in Southern France.
With Yoga and meditation, Music and Sound Therapy, Breath therapy and Healing with horses.         A whole week to explore and dive deep. With 2 sessions a day and visits to historical sites, the winyards and wine tasting, therapy with horses, lots of free time to relax by the pool and explore the beauty and warmth of Southern France. Welcome.


The Place

Nestled in the middle of a 7-hectare estate of greenery lies Le Cabeque.

The house was built in 1866 by the great-grandfather of Jacques, the current owner. Originally a breeding and cultivation farm. The now free land regularly hosts horses, wild pigs and of course the two miniature donkeys, Coton and Jackpot, the mascots of the place.  Le Cabeque is located on a hill, overlooking the endless green surrounding countryside and surrounded by a large garden with its olive tree and its cypresses, lavenders and herbs, meadows strewn with oak trees, and an unobstructed view of  Cordes-sur-Ciel in the distance. This peaceful setting is ideal for retreating and allows space for just being with ones true nature. Presenting an opportunity to take a break from the intensity of an everyday hectic life. Welcome.  


Activities and Excursions 


The town of Cordes-Sur-Ciel is a picturesque medieval town, with a rich and fascinating history.

The meaning of its name is strings above the sky and quite right to the name, it often looks like the city is hovering over the clouds. The city itself offers a cozy atmosphere of small cobble streets, with quirky corners and interesting shops, Cafe's and restaurants, galleries and museums. It is full of music and hosts two large music festivals a year.


Horse sanctuary

Within walking distance from our place is Erwin Van Der Veele beautiful horse sanctuary.

This is a therapeutic center that shelter horses that needs a new home for various reasons and this place gives them a second opportunity in life for a loving home. Erwin Van Der Veele is an equine educator and specialist in rehabilitation using gentle and natural methods based on behavioural observation and respect for the nature of horses.

Meeting the horses in the sanctuary is an exciting and mystical encounter and we have been invited to come and meditate and walk among these very speciel beings.This is an extreme privilige and a very profound experience.

For more information please check out the webside of this non-profit organisation


Wine tasting

Southern France would not be southern France without wine tasting. The lands are covered in wine yards and it is a speciel and beautiful sight. We will visit a yard in the Gailliac region and here we will learn all about making wine and of course end the trip with also tasting the wine. It will be possible to buy wine to bring back home.



Half an hour from La Cabeque is the hometown of the great French artist - Toulouse-Lautrec.

In this town is a museum named after him, where you can find the largest collection of his works.  

The museum is located in the historic city of Albi.


Nature walks

The nature surrounding Le Cabeque is stunningly beautiful and invites for walks and quiet pondering on the hill sides and under the trees.​ You will often meet and see horses, donkeys and wild pigs who traverse the hills.




Arrival and meeting circle



07.30 Long juicy morning yoga practice + pranayama + meditation

09.30 Brunch


16.00 Afternoon yoga practice + connective tissue massage with balls

18.00 Dinner

20.00 Meditation



07.30 Long juicy morning yoga practice + pranayama + meditation

09.30 Brunch

11.30  Excursion - We go and visit the town of Cordes-sur-ciel

16.00 Connective tissue massage with balls + Bandhas/breath work

18.00 Dinner




07.30 Long juicy morning yoga practice + pranayama + meditation

09.30 Brunch


13.00 Breath work session


18.00 Dinner

20.00 Meditation 


07.30 Long juicy morning yoga practice + pranayama + meditation

09.30 Brunch and break of silence


14.00 Excursion - Wine tasting trip + picnic

18.00 Dinner

20.00 Sound healing session


07.30 Long juicy morning yoga practice + pranayama + meditation

09.30 Brunch


12.00 Healing with horses

16.00 Cacao ceremony + sound healing

18.00 Dinner

20.00 Yin yoga



07.30 Long juicy morning yoga practice + pranayama + meditation

09.30 Brunch

12.00  Trip to the town of Albi.  Visit the markets and for those who want the meu

16.30 Dance movement session

18.00 Dinner



07.30 Long juicy morning yoga practice + pranayama + meditation

09.30 Brunch

12.00 Goodbye Circle



There are different options for accommodation. Either shared room in a fancy dormitory. This is the cheapest option and has space for 6 people. There are toilets and bathrooms connected to the dorm. Then there are shared double rooms and rooms of three. Which is the next cheapest option. And then there are 2 single rooms available.

There are a limited number of spaces for this retreat and all rooms will be booked on a first come, first served basis.


The food

The food will be vegan and vegetarian. With vegetables mostly harvested from nearby organic farmers. All fresh and juicy and filled with all the good stuff that good soil and sun can give.


Money Flow 

Danish krones /Euro - Fancy dormitory.

 Danish krones /Euro - Shared room.

Danish krones / Euro - Single room.


Location and getting there

La Cabeque is located in a small town called Vindrac Alayrac.

The train station is called Vindrac-Alayrac and is a 3 min drive from our place or about 12 min walk.

The nearest airport is Toulouse, which is one hour away and from there, there will be trains to Vindrac Alayrac.

It might be possible to schedule to be picked up from the airport for an extra fee.

It is also possible to fly to another airport and take a train from there.



Cecilie Svendsen at Telephone +4527414445 ( same as Whats app)

For booking and questions. When booking you will be asked to put down a non refundable deposit of 1000 Danish Krones/135 Euro, to hold your space. In case you need to cancel your space, you will not get the money from the deposit back. Spaces sell on a first comes first basis.

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