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Mother Earth Retreat Guatemala. 

8th to 15th of March 2024.

A once in a lifetime opportunity to come to the magical land of the Mayans and experience a culture embedded with sacred rituels and ceremonies.

If this is your first time be prepaired to be amazed and blown away by their MAGIC.


If you are longing to journey deeper into your soul and get to work with the sacred medicine of the Cacao, this retreat is for you.

In our 7 days together, you will experience 3 cacao ceremonies and one sacred fire ceremony with a local shaman. We will venture into the cacao forest, with a local guide and experience a truly magical connection to the Cacao tree and its powers and the magical highlands of the Mayans. You will learn about their cosmic beliefs and folklore, and how they are still using it in ceremonies for healing and tapping into higher consciousness. Everyday we will do transformational Yoga tapping into our own innate wisdom, opening up the body and the mind, to give space to the Soul. You will experience a deep deep healing with a thoroughly constructed breath therapy session and we will do meditations for the earth, Mamma Gaia, to nourish and restore balance of our planet. We will have one day off, where you can rest or join in on a day trip to the historical Chichicastenango market, known as the most colourful market in Central America. Here different Mayan groups travels far and wide to trade their hand sown textiles, ceramics, traditionel medicines and more. This is a once in a lifetime experience. A retreat of deep healing and soul remembrance. 

Honering our ancestial wisdom. Remembering who we truly are. 

To read about my journey with the sacred cacao go to :

The mystical yoga farm

We will be staying at The Mystical Yoga Farm, a unique eco-retreat center with a 100% off-grid, sustainable, zero-waste community, nestled away in the forest on the shores of the magnificent Lake Atitlán, In between volcanoes and mountains and surrounded by the magical lake which lies in a crater, created by a great eruption of a volcano approx. 85,000 years ago. The lake is truly magical and home to many species of exotic birds and plants and the retreat place can only be accessed by boat.


Dorm room

The dorms are clean and comfortable and is the cheapest option. The dorm sleeps 4 people and is upstairs in the main building, with a view over the gardens.


Single room

The single rooms are clean, spacious and comfortable, and will be sold on a first come first basis. 


3 meals a day included

The food at the mystical yoga farm is organic, sustainable, and soul-nourishing vegan cuisine. Prepared with love, using only home-grown and locally sourced ingredients.


Showers & Bathrooms

Water is sacred! And so is the majestic lake upon which the farm is built and therefore they have natural organic compost toilets. By using compost toilets, they save thousands of gallons of water each year, and are able to re-purpouse the nutrient rich waste by using it as super-charged fertilizer for the plants around the farm.

For showering, they have two solar-powered hot water bath houses, each equipped with two private shower stalls. And ask all of their guests to take short showers, and request that you bring only natural, organic, bio-degradable soap/shampoo/conditioner to use in the shower.


Yoga Shala

Stepping into the beauty of this space for the first time can leave one speechless. Practice yoga among the trees with hummingbirds and squirrels, bathe in the rays of the morning sun and feel the light winds of the lake gently caress your skin in this open air yoga studio. 

aum dome.png

Om Dome

Step out of this world and into the magical sound portal, built by hand from cob and crete. The Om dome was intentionally crafted into the perfect geometric shape for amplification of sound waves, making it the perfect place for healing with sound.

What you can expect

Friday 8 Th

11.00   Arrival

14.00   Opening Ceremony 

18.30   Dinner

20.00   Meditation

Sunday 10th

07.00 - 09.30  Long Juicy morning Yoga practice + Meditation + Pranayama

09.30.  Breakfast

14.00   Cacao ceremony and Breath therapy

18.30   Dinner

20.00   Temazcal                                Temazcals are similar to sweat lodges found in shamanistic cultures around the world and they are an ancient tradition in Guatemala, where  they use Temazcal to purify the body, restore health and cleanse the mind, body and spirit.

Tuesday 12th  Late morning wake up

08.00   Juicy late morning Yoga practice

09.30   Breakfast

14.00   Delicious myofascial massage and

           Yin Yoga

17.30   Dinner

19.00   Sacred Fire ceremony with local Shaman

Thursday 14th

This is our potentiel day off, where you can get a treatment or massage, or take a trip to the marked in Chichicastenango. Depending on the energy of the group and choice of day, it might still be possible to do yoga in the morning or evening. Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the retreat place is included.

Saturday 9Th

07.00 - 09.30  Long Juicy morning Yoga practice + Meditation + Pranayama

09.30   Breakfast

12.00 - 14.00  Hike to grandfather rock        with local shaman.

14.00   Lunch

16.30   Sound healing

18.30   Dinner

Monday 11th

This is the day were we go to the rain forest and spend the whole day with the Cacao tree. We taste, we smell, we touch and learn about the sacred plant medicine, in its naturel surroundings.

Wednesday 13th

07.00 - 09.30  Long Juicy morning Yoga practice + Meditation + Pranayama

09.30.  Breakfast

12.00   Boat trip to San Juan & San Marcos shopping, exploring, adventuring,

17.00   Dinner at restaurant in San Marcos

Friday 15th

07.00 - 09.30 Closing ceremony Restoring Yin Yoga + Meditation + Pranayama

09.30   Breakfast

11.00   Depart


*  Bed in dorm. 3 meals a day included. All ceremonies, Yoga and meditations, trip to Cacao forest,          hike and boat trip included. 7.300 Danish Krones or 980 Euro.

*  Bed in private room. 3 meals a day included. All ceremonies, Yoga and meditations, trip to Cacao          forest, hike and boat trip included. 7.990 Danish Krones or 1070 Euro.


*  Flights are not included.


*  What airport to fly into:

   La Aurora International Airport in Guatemala City.


*  How to get to the lake from the airport:

   The easiest and most direct way is via a private car, but you can also book a bus.

   The price for a taxi is approx 923Q or 800 Danish krones or 107 Euros for up to 3 passengers.

   We can arrange for 3 of you to travel together, if you arrive with the same or a similar flight.

*  If you wish to come a day or two before or stay longer after, please contact me for details,

   as there are many AirBnB's or hostels in the area. This will give you more time to explore and soak     in the beauty of Guatemala, which has SO much to offer. It will be possible to book womb massage     Reiki, Healing and Mayan astrology readings and more, in the town of San Marcos, on demand.     

   I also highly recommend going all the way to Tikal if you have the time to stay longer.

  This is a 12 Hours bus ride or a 1 hour airplane ride.

*  Please feel free to contact me for any questions or details regarding the retreat.

   All spaces will be sold on a first come first basis. Email :

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