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Sacred heart retreat
13 - 16 June 2024. Seeds of life, Dronningmølle, Denmark.

Come with an open heart or come and get your heart opened

The heart is a very special organ in the human body. It has its very own energetic field and its own brain. It has cells that correspond to brain cells and the heart can still beat even if the brain dies. There is a very special place in the heart that no surgeon can or must touch, because if they do, we die. It is from this place that all life comes. The sacred space of the heart.


I am deeply grateful for, in collaboration with Ditte Hofman Lessner, being able to invite you to The sacred heart retreat. This retreat leads you deep into your heart, via meditation and Breathing.Thousand-year-old shamanistic rituals. Yoga and sound healing and love, Love, Love.

We will work with A Ceremonial cacao from the Guatemalan rainforest and create a deep connection to nature and mother earth, through thousand-year-old shamanistic rituals from Peru, Guatemala and the Nordic tradition. You get the opportunity to feel who you truly are when you step out of your everyday busyness and sink deep into your heart. We will work with the power of our own breath, which is so potent and transformative that it can take us on long and deep journeys that last long after the retreat is over.

For our breath is truly the key to deeper transformation

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A little about Keith's Cacao

Keith's Cacao is 100% pure ceremonial organic cacao. Traded both fair and direct from farmers to Keith. Keith selects all his cocoa himself and only uses beans from the Crioella tree. The cacao is a herbal medicine and is used for its phenomenal properties. It contains many minerals and antioxidants which are good for body and mind. In particular, it helps the heart, on all levels, as it contains theobromine and magnesium, which help for e.g. circulation, blood pressure, and the more spiritual and emotional heart opening. It also influences the production of serotonin and dopamine, which give us a feeling of joy and an uplifted mood. It is actually Keith who "invented" the concept of ceremonial cocoa many years ago and brought Cacao back into ceremony, all over the world. His love for Mama Cacao and the Mayan natives he works with in San Marcos is felt in every sip of this MAGICAL cocoa.

The yoga will be revealing and supportive, as well as transformative in its own right. And it will be a mix of flowing and strengthening hatha yoga. As well as the opening melting and lubricating Yin Yoga. In addition to the yoga, we will also loosen and release via connective tissue massage, where we use balls to massage the connective tissue.



15.00 Arrival

16.00 Sacred Heart Welcome Ceremony

19.00 Dinner

The evening is free to go to the sauna or take a walk along the water, or just relax.



08.00 Long Juicy morning Yoga practice + Meditation + Pranayama

10.00 Brunch

12.00 Apacheta stone pyramid building and         Trip to Tegner's museum

16.30 Cacao Ceremony and Breath Therapy

19:30 Dinner

Bonfire in the garden and sauna



08.00 Long Juicy morning Yoga practice + Meditation + Pranayama

10.00 Brunch

14.00 Connective tissue massage

17.00 Cacao ceremony and Shamanistic drum journey

19:30 Dinner

Bonfire in the garden



08.00 Long Juicy morning Yoga practice + Meditation + Pranayama

10.00 Brunch

11.00 Packing

12.00 Farewell Ceremony 

14.00 Goodbye


A little bit about Ditte Hofman Lessner


Ditte is a certified Keith Cacao Practitioner, which means she has been on an immersive 2-month course with teaching and mentoring in everything from the history of the cocoa bean, properties such as plant medicine, superfood, integration of the deep processes to hold space for others in ceremony and 1:1 sessions. In addition, she has 20 years of experience as an alternative therapist and 8 years of experience with shamanistic workshops and spiritual soul journeys.

A little bit about Cecilie Svendsen


I am also a certified Keith Cacao Practitioner and I am also an experienced yoga teacher with more than 900 hours of credited training in yoga and yoga therapy. I have thousands of hours of teaching experience and I have been hosting retreats in the past 10 years, both in Denmark and abroad.I have a warm and loving approach to my teachings and believe that everyone can enjoy and benefit from yoga, Cacao, meditation and the healing breath.

I treat, among other things, stress and anxiety with Yoga therapy and energy healing, which I offer online and in private sessions.I will be offering sessions at the retreat.

This is an in-depth and magical retreat and the intention of the retreat is to offer a safe and loving space for healing and transformation, where you can find your way back into your heart.


Upon registration we will reserve your full payment on your visa card, through terapeut booking but we will not charge you before the retreats start. unfortunately we can give no money back if you cancel, due to any reason.


Registration deadline:

As long as places are available.

If you have questions about the retreat or if you want to register, write to Cecilie Svendsen at


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