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Cacao as medicine

Online Cacao healing session

My intention with this Online Cacao ceremony is to create a nurturing space imbued with love, meditation, and healing, in harmonious collaboration with the Spirit of Cacao. Inspired by my profound journey to Guatemala, where I encountered the deep love and transformative qualities of Cacao, I extend an invitation for you to connect with this sacred plant and experience its profound potential for healing. During our session, allow yourself to be guided on a soulful journey inward, where the spirit of Cacao serves as a gentle yet powerful ally in opening you up to deeper levels of healing and self-discovery. Through this communion, may you experience a shift in perception and a profound connection to the essence of this world. As your guide, I will also channel healing energies to facilitate a deeper level of healing within you, allowing for transformative shifts to take place. You're invited to partake in this ceremonial experience by preparing a cup of your preferred ceremonial Cacao, up to 42 g of pure raw goodness. Find a comfortable, quiet space by your computer, and simply click in to join us.

The cost for participation is only DKK 125, and you can secure your spot by reaching out to me via email at


Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey?..........❤ Cecilie

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