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Cacao as medicine

Online Cacao healing session

My intention with this Online Cacao ceremony is to create a loving space for meditation and healing, in collaboration with the Spirit of Cacao. On my journey to Guatemala, I met Cacao and its deep love and healing qualities and my wish is for you is to connect with the Cacao and feel how it can help open you up and make you more receptive to healing. How the spirit of cocoa can take you on a deep journey into your self and thereby change your perception of this world . In this session I will also be an instrument for healing and thereby let the healing go deeper.         I drink Keith's cocoa myself, but you can use any ceremonial cocoa you have on hand.          Simply make yourself a cup of up to 42 g pure raw Cacao, sit down in a nice, quiet and cozy place by the computer and click in.

It costs only DKK 125 to participate and you can register by writing me an email at

 Are you ready to take the next step?..........❤ Cecilie

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