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About Me

Hello and welcome to my page.

My name is Cecilie and I am a healer, yoga teacher, a musician and a therapist.

My own journey towards healing started when I was diagnosed with increased metabolism 12 years ago, and the doctors wanted to put me on some very heavy medication. Since I have never been one to take medication, this time wouldn't be the time for me to start either. Instead I went on a journey to find a natural way of healing my metabolism unbalances, and this is when I started to meditate and found yoga as my foundation for healing. With the help of homeopathy and with my yoga and meditation practice, I completely rebalanced myself into a state of complete health again and my wish to help other people on their way to healing slowly began. I have now been teaching yoga for 13 years and been doing yoga therapy for 9 years and I am still learning new ways to improve my skills and methods of healing all the time. My wish and my intention is to help you on your journey towards transformation, inner growth and healing! I have a warm and loving, non judgemental approach and I believe that we all deserves to be happy and free of pain. I believe that with the right guidance and the tools that I offer and the skills that I have, that I can help you on your journey towards healing.  I know that not everyone has the tools for self healing and I warmly recommend getting guidance and help, wherever help is needed. Through my work, I have met and helped many amazing people finding hope again, flourishing in their lifes, reclaiming their energy back, falling pregnant after not being able to conceive and experiencing joy and happiness within themselves after depression. My wish is for everybody to get back to themselves and their true nature, feeling happy and free. 

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

May all beings be happy and free. 

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Tel: +45 27414445

Tel: +34 670810063

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